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  • mosaics
  • fluid art
  • mirror art

Hi, my name is Jay Fishman and I have decades of experience in creating art.  My specialties are Mosaics and the Fluid Arts.

There is one area that I do share with my contemporaries in art and that is ‘the process’ of creating & the feeling of ‘letting go’ and allowing the universe to guide me. Often this process is simply walking away from a piece and allowing the vision to come together. If working on a commission, I do try ‘intuitive drawing’ of the art concept until the ‘doodles’ start going in a direction that I find helpful. I wish that I could say I’d had a transformative epiphany that was part of my artistic journey, but while it makes interesting reading, that is not my experience.

I can’t remember not being an artist of some sort; my maternal Grandfather was a truly creative artisan. He was an owner of a commercial embroidery shop long before computers, when we had a thriving garment trade in the US.

My Mother was an accomplished artist working in clay, marble, and other mediums. As a child, I have fond memories of going with her when she went what was an early version of a co-op art studio. I treasure some of the art that my mother and grandfather created.

I’ve explored many art forms through workshops and professional instruction. Currently, I am working in multiple areas, and can’t completely play by the rules, that is how my ‘multi-media’ is made. I will expand my portfolio to include more functional art (aka giftware). Currently, I am working on several larger pieces that are commissioned.

I am the owner of Wicked Stitch of the East, Inc., and continuing my grandfather’s legacy. Rather than explain the whole thing, I’ll let you read a little about my decades long career……. it’s all art….

Wicked Stitch of the East

Hi! I'm Eddie Spaghetti

  • project supervisor
  • service dog

I’ve been told that I am just adorable.

My very creative Poppa makes beautiful art. I help by being a good service dog and supervise from under the table.

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